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Client applications, libraries, tools, and solutions from our expert teams

powerstrip-logfiles Easily centralize log files from within a container when 'fat' containers make it difficult to log to stdout.
Saltstack Formulas for Sumo Logic Formulas are pre-written Salt States. These formulas can be used to setup the Sumo Logic service.-
Sumo Logic JavaScript SDK for Logging The Sumo Logic JavaScript Logging SDK library enables you to send custom log messages to an HTTP Source without installing a Collector on your server.
Sumo Report Generator Tool that allows a user to execute multiple searches, and compile the data into a single report.
CloudWatch logs connector for SumoLogic Beam CloudWatch logs to SumoLogic using AWS Lambda
sumologic-aws-lambda-unzip A Java Lambda function that can uncompress a zip file, read the files inside and send them to Sumo Logic.
SumoKube Sumo Logic daemon set for Kubernetes
Hubot for Sumo Logic Sumologic integration for Hubot
Sumo Logic SDK in Ruby The Ruby SDK ported from the Sumo Logic Python SDK, providing a Ruby interface to the Sumo Logic REST API.
Useful Regular Expressions A Collection of Useful Regular Expressions when searching logs using Sumo Logic
Log Reflector” for AWS Lambda Collect CloudWatch log groups and forward then to one centralizing Lambda function
Manage with Puppet Install and manage the Sumo Logic collector and its log sources with Puppet.
Nodejs Client A simple client implementation in node.js to send logs to Sumo Logic.
Sumo Search for Ruby A Ruby Gem that utilizes the Sumo Logic Search Job API and allows you to search logs from the command line.
Sumo Control Ruby Gem that allows to manage Sumo Logic collectors from the command line
FER A collection of useful field extraction rules.
Puppet Module to install a Sumo collector Sample tasks: 1. In Sumo, create Access ID/Key for collector registration. 2. Copy this module onto your Puppet Master module repository. 3. In Your puppet console, assign the Sumo class to your targeted nodes.
CloudWatch to Sumo Logic Python script to send CloudWatch logs to Sumo Logic
Winston SNS Transport Winston Transport for Amazon SNS specialized for JSON logs in Sumo Logic