Auto-Instrumentation Examples

Python app

The python apps part of the framework are instrumented with OpenTelemetry-Python

For each of the application the-coffe-lover, the-coffee-bar, the-coffee-machine and the-cashdesk we execute opentelemetry-auto-instrumentation python app_name -h, e.g. opentelemetry-auto-instrumentation python the-coffee-bar -h. Configuration to the application can be provided by config file - example config file can be found in src/config/config.yaml or by application arguments.

More details in this readme

Ruby APP

The ruby applications part of the framework are instrumented with OpenTelemetry-Ruby

Each of the application machine-svc, water-svc, coffee-svc needs additional configuration - in this case everything is based on the environment variables.

For more details

Dotnet app

The ASP .NET Core application is auto-instrumented by OpenTelemetry-Dotnet.

In this situation the application requires some variables to be set Common

  • SERVICE_NAME - defines the name of the service (calculator-svc by default)
  • EXPORTER - defines the span exporter (otlp, zipkin, jaeger, console - otlp by default) Specific for OTLP Exporter
  • OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT - defines the OTLP gRPC Collector Endpoint (e.g. http://localhost:4317) Specific for Zipkin Exporter
  • OTEL_EXPORTER_ZIPKIN_ENDPOINT - defines the Zipkin HTTP Collector Endpoint (e.g. localhost:9411/api/v2/spans)

For more details