Sumo Logic Partner Integrations
Welcome to Sumo Logic Partners - Here you'll find integrations and other solutions created by and for our partner companies. If you would like to add your integration or solution, see

Partner Integrations, SDKs and Tools

FluentD Plugin for Sumo Logic Open-source data collector that decouples data sources from backend systems.
Chef Cookbook for Sumo Logic Sumo Logic Collector Chef Cookbook
Hubot for Sumo Logic Sumologic integration for Hubot
Log Reflector for AWS Lambda Collect CloudWatch log groups and forward then to one centralizing Lambda function
Chef Cookbook for unattended collector install PagerDuty's recipe for an unattended install of Sumo Logic's sumocollector via Chef.
Chef Handler A Chef Report and Error handler that integrates with SumoLogic
DataDog-SumoLogic Script Integration A script package to integrate SumoLogic alerts with Datadog.
Twillio Alerts From Sumo Create a Twilio compatible Sumo Logic webhook with Lambda.
Jenkins Publisher Plugin Jenkins Plugin for Sumo Logic written in Java.